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Car Top Carrier Pass-Through Straps Set

Set of 2 Straps for Cars Without Rack

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Set of 2 Straps for No Rack (Inside Straps), for cars without roof rack. Straps are heavy-duty, 1.5 inches wide, seat-belt style. They are soft, flexible and easy to work with, and have been specially treated to be water-repellent while retaining their softness.

Each strap consists of 2 sections: a shorter Top Strap, which goes over the RoofBag car top carrier, and a longer Inside Strap, which goes inside the car.

Each section has a male half of a side-release buckle on one end and a female half on the other end. The two sections form a closed loop when joined end-to-end by the side-release buckles.

Total length of Top Strap + Inside Strap: 143 inches.

Finger loops at the ends make it easy to tighten the straps.

Straps are water-repellent -- they don't get wet.


The Straps for No Rack (Pass-Through Straps) fasten securely your RoofBag car top carrier to the frame of the car when your car has no roof rack.

Two Straps for No Rack are included with each RoofBag car top carrier sold for cars without rack.

Four side-release buckles (2 per strap) provide easy access to the contents of the roof carrier.

Each strap ends with a male and a female half buckles so that several straps can be joined end-to-end to make extra long straps.

Buy an extra set of 2 Straps to make extra-long straps for attachment to vans or to pick-up trucks.


The Top Strap slides under the strap guides at the top of the carrier.

The Inside Strap goes through the inside of the car with the doors open, and fastens to the Top Strap by sliding the two halves of the side-release buckles into each other. Once joined by the buckles, the Top Strap and the Inside Strap form a closed loop that holds the cartop carrier against the roof. The doors close over the straps. Click for installation details.

For vans, different installation options exist depending on the type of van. See diagrams above, and for more detail, click for installation details on a van.

The length of the each strap is adjustable at each of the two buckles. To adjust, pull from the Finger Loops located at each end of each strap.

Secure the free ends of the straps by wrapping the free end around the taut section of the strap and tucking the end under the last turn. This avoids flapping of the free end during travel (see diagram above).

If a strap makes a whistling or a rumbling noise during travel, unbuckle the suspect taut section of strap, twist it half a turn or one full turn and re-buckle.

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