RoofBag Rooftop Cargo Carrier

100% Waterproof Car Bags - Premium Triple Seal
for Maximum Protection
Made in USA, 2 year warranty

Easy Installation Car Carriers
 With Side Rails, Cross Bars, No Rack, Moonroof or Sunroof
 includes Heavy Duty Straps

  • Select your car's make and model
  • Suggested Carrier Size:

  • Or: Measure your roof length

    -  If roof length is 58" or longer:
       Both sizes 11 and 15 will fit.

    -  If roof length is 48" to 58":
       Size 13 fits best. Size 17 may be noisy in some cars.

    -  If roof length is 40" to 48":
       Size 13 may be noisy in some cars. Size 17 does not fit.

    -  If roof length is less than 40":
       Neither size 13 nor 15 is recommended.

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13 cu ft      $89  $50.99

- Good for any car
- Includes 2 straps

17 cu ft     $109   $70.99

- Good for Full-size sedans, SUVs, Vans
- Includes 2 straps


Roof Bag car luggage carriers are US-made, 100% waterproof and offer the best weather protection and durability in the market.

No exposed stitching, the strongest fabric available and a 2-year warranty, means peace of mind even for the longest trip and the most severe weather.

What's Included?
  • RoofBag Carrier
  • Set of 2 Straps
  • Installation Booklet

  • What size fits my car?
    Size 13 fits all vehicles - Same storage space as 4 medium-size suitcases - Roof length: 48" or longer
    Size 17 fits full-size sedans, SUVs and Vans - Equivalent to 5 medium-size suitcases - Roof length: 58" or longer

    How is it installed?
    On side rails: straps attach to side rails left-to-right.
    On cross bars: straps attach to bars front-to-back.
    On bare roof (no rack): straps pass through the inside of the car through door frame. Doors close over straps.

    Optional Accessories
  • Protective Mat protects the roof of the car and keeps the carrier from sliding.
  • Duffle Bags (set of 3) fit snuggly inside the carrier, help keep items organized and makes it easier to load and unload the carrier.
  • Storage Bag, large enough to store the carrier and accessories.
  • Padlock locks the zipper securely.
  • Tire Step attaches to the rear tire and facilitates reaching the top of the vehicle.

  • Optional Straps
    An additional set of straps is useful when car has side rails AND cross bars.

    Door Hook Straps provide an alternative way to secure the carrier to the door frame, avoiding the overhead strap. For Door Hook Straps to fit your car, the top section of the door frame needs to have a vertical ridge about 1/2" wide x 1/2" high, sticking down from the frame.

    RoofBag car top carriers are covered with a 2-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

    Ships the same day if order is placed on a business day (M-F) before 2 PM PST.
    Otherwise, product ships next business day.

    Accessories for Car Roof Bags

    Click on Picture for More Info
    Cargo Carrier Protective Mat Accessory
    Protective Non-Slip Roof Mat:
    • Prevents shifting of carrier during travel
    • Protects roof
    Protective Mat
    Protects roof
    Keeps carrier from shifting
    $25    $10.95
    Buy It Now!
    Cargo Carrier Protective Mat Accessory
    Duffle Bags:
    • Simplifies organizing, packing, and loading carrier
    • Helps keep aerodynamic shape for fuel economy
    • 3 heavy duty handles for easy lifting
    Duffle Bags
    Organize, load & unload carrier with ease
    Set of 3: $26      $18
    Cargo Carrier Protective Mat Accessory
    Extra Straps
    • Add extra 3 Pocket Straps Straps if car has Rack or No Rack and
    • Add extra No Rack Straps if car has only 2 doors and rear gate
         OR Car has a curved roof
    • Add Door Hook Straps if car has 1/2" ridge on door the frame
    Extra Straps
    For additional strapping options
    $40      $36
    Car roof storage
    Cargo top bag
    Storage Bag:
    • Easy storage and easy access
    • Tough, waterproof and durable
    • Convenient and economical
    Storage Bag
    To store carrier and accessories
    $12      $6
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    Tire Step for Roof Bag
    Cargo Carrier Protective Mat Accessory
    Tire Step:
    • Solves the problem of reaching the top of the vehicle
    • Easily attaches to rear tire with adjustable strap
    • Safely load and unload carrier and access its contents
    • Slip-proof steel plate and frame make it strong and durable
    Tire Step
    Easily reach the top of your car, van or SUV
    Out of Stock
    Cargo Carrier Protective Mat Accessory
    • Securely lock your RoofBag carrier
    • High quality solid brass is rust-proof and jam-proof
    • Includes Lock and 3 Keys with RoofBag logo
    Securely lock your RoofBag carrier
    $12      $6
    Buy It Now!

    Accessories Details

    Protective Mat
    Highly recommended
    Protects roof, keeps carrier steady, cushions the load.

    Works on cars WITH ... ... or WITHOUT roof rack
    RoofBag car top carrier: protective mat for the roof of the car RoofBag car top carrier protective mat
    Buy protective mat for Roofbag car top carriers

    A protective non-slip roof mat that prevents slipping or sliding of the carrier, increasing stability and safety. It also prevents scratches of the roof caused by dirt.


    Duffle Bags
    Very popular item
    Help pack, organize, load and unload the carrier with ease.

    Single Duffle Bag

    Duffle Bag for car top carrier
    For 13 cu ft RoofBag Carriers
    $12 $8 Buy It Now!
    For 17 cu ft RoofBag Carriers
    Buy It Now!
    Set of 3 Duffle Bags

    Set of 3 duffle bags for car top carrier
    For 13 cu ft RoofBag Carriers
    $22 $18 Buy protective mat for Roofbag car top carriers
    For 17 cu ft RoofBag Carriers
    Duffle bags help pack car top carriers or rooftop carriers


    RoofBag Duffle Bags simplify packing, organizing, loading, and unloading of the carrier. They fit snuggly inside the carrier and help keeps its aerodynamic shape for fuel economy.


    Optional Extra Straps

    For additional installation options.

    Set of 2 Straps
    For cars WITH or WITHOUT RACK
    Door Hook

    Additional Straps for car top carrier Additional RoofBag Straps

    Product info and pictures
    $49     $36     $49     $26
    Buy It Now! Buy It Now!
    Storage Bag

    Stores conveniently your carrier and accessories.

    RoofBag Car Top Carrier Storage Bag
    Click for product info and pictures

    Storage Bag $12 $6 Buy It Now!

    Convenient bag to store the RoofBag carrier and accessories when not in use.


    Tire Step

    Easily reach the top of your car, van or SUV.

    Tire Step      

    Click for product info and larger pictures

    Tire Step $45 $35 Add_to_Cart

    The RoofBag Tire Step solves the problem of having to reach to the top of the car, van or SUV to install a car top carrier or to access its contents during travel.



    Add security by locking the zipper of your carrier.

    Click for product info and larger pictures

    Padlock (Solid Brass) $12 $6 Buy It Now!

    Enjoy peace of mind during your trip knowing that your RoofBag carrier is secure.

    High quality, solid brass, rust-proof padlock secures the zipper.

    Fits in the zipper slider holes.

    Three keys included.

    Expand the cargo capacity of your car and give your family and friends enough room to pack everything they need. Roof Bag car top carriers are easy and simple to install on cars with or without roof racks. Our car top carrier can be easily switched to different types of vehicles so it is convenient for anyone to use or share.

    When you buy a rooftop cargo carrier from RoofBag you receive a top quality car top carriers, at prices that no competitor can match, because you are buying directly from the most experienced manufacturer of soft rooftop carriers in the country. As a matter of fact, RoofBag is the only soft car top carrier manufacturer in the USA.

    We care about you and your family's safety, that's why we continue to improve our soft car top carrier and accessories. Our soft car top carriers have been perfected for over 20 years and are much easier to install and remove than hard carriers. RoofBag's are constructed with heavy duty waterproof fabric and provide maximum safety with heavy-duty buckles and straps that will never break. Our car top carriers have been custom made to withstand beating by high-speed wind and extreme weather conditions. The straps used in our car top carriers are seat-belt style, 3,000 pounds strong, water-repellent and 1.5 inches wide.

    Thanks to RoofBag's carriers unique aerodynamic design you will save fuel and enjoy a quiet ride. You can also feel reassured about your purchase with our 30-day returns and 2-year warranty policy against defects in materials and workmanship.The best part of using a flexible, soft car top carrier is that once you're done with your trip, you can easily take down the carrier, fold it into a small package and store it in a very small space.

    Perfect performance! Traveled over 5,000 miles through heavy wind, rain, and snow

    Our family of 5 just traveled over 5,000 miles through heavy wind, rain, sleet and snow with nothing but perfect performance from the RoofBag. Thank goodness for your product!


    I did much research on car top carriers, looking for one that needed no roof rack. I'm so very happy to have found your site & products!!

    Just returned from a road trip with my Hubby, oldest DD & two year old Granddaughter. We went from Indianapolis to San Antonio, then on to Las Vegas and back.

    We used the 17 cu. ft.. gray Cross Country carrier with the protective mat on our 2005 Malibu Maxx & it was such a space saver for us!! We packed all of our suitcases, Baby's pack-n-play, stroller, portable highchair, extra diapers, blankies, toys & etc. into the three duffle bags we got.

    Everything fit nice & snug. The carrier was easy to install & use. We only had to adjust it once during the entire trip.

    There was no noise & our gas mileage was barely affected by it. As for the waterproof feature, we encountered rain once & it was not a hard rain, but everything stayed nice & dry.

    I did much research on car top carriers, looking for one that needed no roof rack. I'm so very happy to have found your site & products!!

    It is so awesome to find a product that does all it claims to do! Thank you! We will highly recommend your products to everyone we know!

    I would highly recommend this bag to anyone looking for a soft sided carrier.

    We made a last minute decision to purchase the Cross Country Car Top Carrier before leaving on vacation. It was the best decision we could have made.

    We put two very large suitcases and two carry on size suitcases in the carrier. We rented a beach house so we bagged towels and sheets and tucked them in between the suitcases.

    I wish I were kidding when I say it rained the entire trip, but I'm not. Rain every single day. We made several other stops to and from our primary destination so the luggage was in the carrier the better part of 7 days. We drove a total of 1,581 miles.

    Everything in the carrier remained 100% dry, the bag stayed secure with no rips or damage and we got better gas mileage than we have ever gotten with that car so needless to say, we were shocked. 2010 Ford Edge with roof racks and we averaged 35 miles per gallon.

    Wow! I am currently your biggest fan. Using the bag left me plenty of room inside for all the other necessities. I would highly recommend this bag to anyone looking for a soft sided carrier. One more detail....I called to place the order so I could ask questions...courteous, friendly and very helpful!

    Thanks for helping us have a successful trip!

    I definitely recommend this product.

    I am very happy with my purchase. Everywhere else I looked for a car top carrier, I was told that I would need a rack installed on my car. I have a small Nissan Sentra and bought a fully waterproof RoofBag with its protective mat and was able to go over 1000 miles with no problems whatsoever.

    We were even caught in a hail storm that was so bad it made most of the traffic on the freeway come to a complete stop to wait it out. It lasted 30 minutes or so, and there was no damage whatsoever to either the bag or our belongings.

    It did not budge even an inch the whole trip. It was a lot cheaper than installing a rack, and cheaper than getting a rental truck, and it is something we will be able to use for years and years. I definitely recommend this product. Thank you,


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    Why a USA-Made RoofBag car top carrier?

    Made in San Diego, California, USA, using only top quality, military-grade materials.

    Save Fuel with RoofBag's original aerodynamic design.

    Save Cost when you buy factory-direct from

    Enjoy large capacity storage without the bulk and high cost of hard carriers.

    Simple to install, remove and store. Use with or without a roof rack. Access your gear with ease.

    Heavy-duty, 18-oz double vinyl-coated polyester fabric is fully waterproof, won't rip or tear and is UV-resistant.

    Shipped same day if you order M-F by 2:30PM PST for UPS or Fedex, or by 10AM for USPS.

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