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Waterproof Soft Car Top Carriers

For All Cars With or Without Roof Rack

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Water-repellent straps:
  • - Seat-belt style
  • - 1,000-pounds strong
  • - 1.5 inches wide
  • - Thin, pliable, easy to handle
  • Waterproof zipper spans 3 sides:
  • - Opens carrier completely like a clamshell
  • - Easy loading and unloading
  • - 2-pullers for easy access from 3 sides
  • Versatile design works with:
  • - Bare roof (no rack)
  • - Cross bars
  • - Side rails
  • - Sunroof, moonroof
  • Heavy-duty waterproof fabric withstands continuous exposure to:
  • - Extreme temperatures
  • - High-speed wind
  • - Sun, rain, snow, hail, sand and dust.
  • - Abrasion, rough handling.
  • Joints are electrically welded (not sewn):
  • - No needle holes
  • - Maximum water-proofness and strength
  • Welded strap guides:
  • - Maximum strength and durability
  • - Straps can run left-right or front-back
  • 2-inch zipper flap:
  • - Covers entire zipper (3 sides)
  • - Adds weather protection to zipper
  • No seam in front
  • - Less air drag
  • - Maximum water-proofness
  • 4 side-release buckles are YKK "super-tough":
  • - Easy to open and close
  • - 340-pounds strong
  • - Easy access to contents
  • Aerodynamic design (low at front, high at rear):
  • - Quiet ride
  • - Saves fuel
  • Straps adjust height of carrier:
  • - Straps press down from the top
  • - Reduce carrier's volume
  • - Lower air drag
  • Smooth fabric:
  • - Minimizes air drag
  • - Keeps carrier clean

  • • Since 1992

    • Only USA manufacturer
    • Heavy-duty waterproof fabric
      (vinyl-coated on both sides)

    • Waterproof zipper
      (spans 3 sides)

    • Water-repellent straps
    • 30-day returns
       before carrier is used

    • 2-year warranty
       against manufacturing defects
    • Your order ships the same day

       When you order on a business day
       by 2:45 pm California time (USA).

       Otherwise, we'll ship next business day.
    • Buy factory-direct from

       Avoid the high cost of stores
       or resellers
    Made in USA
    Waterproof Car Top Carriers
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    Customers' Reviews:

    Why People Love RoofBag Car Top Carriers:

    • Our car top carriers safely add storage space to your car, van or SUV.
    • RoofBag's soft roof top carriers are easy to fold and store.
    • Easy access to contents: continuous zipper along 3 sides, plus 2 zipper sliders.
    • 100% waterproof material (not just "water-resistant").
    • Electrically sealed joints for complete waterproofness.
    • Waterproof zipper, plus 2-inch zipper flap for the ultimate water protection.
    Unique Fabric:
    • Will not rip or tear: double vinyl-coated polyester resists 480 pounds without tearing.
    • Will not fade or weaken: fabric resists the sun's damaging UV rays.
    • Resists very cold (- 40 F) and very hot temperatures (+ 250 F) without damage.
    Unique Design:
    • All RoofBag car top carriers fit cars WITH or WITHOUT roof rack.
    • Maximum safety: heavy-duty buckles and straps will never break.
    • Save fuel and enjoy a quiet ride with RoofBag's carriers unique aerodynamic design.
    Manufacturer You Can Trust:
    • Only soft car top carrier manufactured in the USA. Since 1996.
    • RoofBag products are safe: lead-free, phthalate-free and free of any toxic or harmful chemicals.
    • Your purchase is backed with a 30-day return policy and a 2-year warranty.
    Fast Delivery:
    • All our car top carriers and accessories are always in stock.
    • We always ship the same day when you order on business days before 2:45 PM.
    • We offer many shipping options, including next-day delivery.
    • You could have your carrier at your door tomorrow!!
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    Questions? - Call us:

    From within USA: 800-2-RoofBag  (800-276-6322).
    From outside USA: 619-662-0495.
    (Phone hours: 7:30 am 4 pm West Coast time, Mon - Fri).
    (Outside these hours, we'll return messages the next business morning).

    Expand your car and give your family and friends enough room to pack everything they need. Roof Bag car top carriers are easy and simple to install on cars with or without roof racks. Our car top carrier can be easily switched to different types of vehicles so it is convenient for anyone to use or share.

    When you buy from RoofBag you receive a top quality car top carrier, at prices that no competitor can match, because you are buying directly from the most experienced manufacturer of soft rooftop carriers in the country. As a matter of fact, RoofBag is the only soft car top carrier company manufacturing its products in the USA.

    We care about you and your family's safety, that's why we continue to improve our soft car top carrier and accessories. Our soft car top carriers have been perfected for over 20 years and are much easier to install and remove than hard carriers. RoofBag's are constructed with waterproof fabric and provide maximum safety with heavy-duty buckles and straps that will never break. Our carriers have been custom made to withstand beating by high-speed wind and extreme weather conditions. The straps used in our car top carriers are seat-belt style, 1,000 pounds strong, water-repellent and 1.5 inches wide.

    Thanks to RoofBag's carriers unique aerodynamic design you will save fuel considerably and enjoy a quiet and pleasant ride. You can also feel reassured about your purchase with our 30-day returns and 2-year warranty policy against defects in materials and workmanship.The best part of using a flexible, soft car top carrier is that once you're done with your trip, you can easily take down the carrier from the roof, fold it into a small package and store it without taking much space.

    RoofBag offers two different waterproof cargo bag models. The Cross Country car top carrier is 100% waterproof because all joints are electrically welded. The Explorer car top carrier is 99% waterproof and is more economical because the zipper flap has been stitched instead of electrically welded. Both cargo bags use the same waterproof fabric and waterproof zipper -- the only difference is in the way the zipper flap is joined.

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